International lawyers, personal contacts

In order to give companies successful legal advisory concerning cross-border legal issues a strong international network is indispensable. This is why Tyskret Sagawe & Klages is a member of the international lawyers’ network EUROJURIS. If the occasion arises, we can quickly draw upon this network of specialised lawyers from all over Europe and the entire world. We can also involve them in cases brought forward by our clients or refer to them for direct communication with our clients – quickly and easily. We know many lawyers from other countries personally – and have known them for a long time. A great advantage when looking for in international lawyer as a perfect match for our client.

It comes without saying that we as lawyers have extensive personal networks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. From memberships in organisations like Danmarks Vindmølleforening, the Danish wind power industry association, the Deutsch-Nordische Juristenvereinigung (German-Nordic Association of legal practitioners) to partnerships and cooperations with Nordic lawyers for very specific issues concerning fringe areas of Nordic law. Small and large clients from several industries appreciate that – and have been doing so for 25 years.

Networks for renewable energies and real estate

Our lawyers are sought-after speakers at meetings and congresses, especially on topics such as legal expertise in the field of renewable energies or real estate. And also whenever a legal question encompasses Germany and the Nordic countries.

As a case in point, our partner Dr. Axel Röpke used to serve as vice president of the German Bundesverband Windenergie e.V. (BWE, nonprofit wind power industry association). Our co-founder Christian Sagawe has regular appearances as a guest speaker at events of Danmarks Vindmølleforening.

We speak Danish, Norwegian and Swedish – with our clients, friends and family

Professional networks are indispensable for our work. This is why we are involved in numerous organisations and associations – from a professional and legal perspective. We are, however, also aware of the importance of personal ties to Scandinavia that enable us to understand our clients even better. Not only to cooperate with them effectively and make their projects a success but also to support them as a trusted partner in the long run. We are happy to speak Danish, Norwegian and Swedish – not because we have to, but rather because we love to exchange ideas with our clients, friends and family in Scandinavia. Of course, all our lawyers communicate in English as well.