International private and procedural law

Advisory on international legal disputes

At TYSKRET, we specialise in international private and procedural law. In particular, we assist businesses from the Nordics as well as other countries and advise them on all legal issues involving trans-national aspects. We can represent you in cross-border legal disputes or assist you with the execution of foreign titles in Germany.

With international contract arrangements or disputes across borders it can sometimes be unclear as to which law governs and which court is competent in the first place. Based on our 25 years of expertise in such cases we are able to deliver reliable answers and to work together very efficiently with foreign lawyers. Thus we can represent our clients in court in the best possible way. Through our extensive international network we can draw upon personal contacts to numerous specialised lawyers all over the world – most notably in the Nordic countries.

Our German lawyers advise you on international private and procedural law especially in these fields:

  • Advisory on trans-national legal affairs, especially on the arrangement of cross-border contracts
  • Litigation or arbitration in cases with trans-national relevance
  • Enforcement of foreign titles in Germany
  • Contract arrangement in cross-border cases
  • Advisory on dispute settlement procedures related to international contracts

These are your contacts at Tyskret Sagawe & Klages for enquiries concerning international private and procedural law:

Maximilian Juncker
Maximilian JunckerLawyer
Dr. Axel B. Röpke
Dr. Axel B. RöpkeLawyer
Denise Hildebrand
Denise HildebrandLawyer