Insolvency law

Advisory on German and international insolvency law

Our German lawyers advise and support companies in case of an insolvency, if legal acts in Germany need to be contested or if such action for annulment is to be defended against. We specialise in legal advice to international creditors and managing directors. We also support foreign insolvency administrators with actions for rescission against German creditors and with insolvency cases that have references to German law through foreign estates.

Our German lawyers advise you on insolvency law especially in these fields:

  • Representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings including defence against actions for annulment
  • Actions for annulment with international references
  • Advice to foreign insolvency administrators in connection with domestic estates
  • Advisory to managing directors in connection with insolvency applications

These are your contacts at Tyskret Sagawe & Klages for enquiries relating to insolvency law:

Maximilian Juncker
Maximilian JunckerLawyer
Ingo Schmidtmann
Ingo SchmidtmannLawyer
Denise Hildebrand
Denise HildebrandLawyer