Real estate law

Advisory on German real estate law

Do you require advisory regarding German real estate law? Are you looking to buy, sell or develop real estate portfolios or individual objects or do you need to have them legally assessed? From the assessment of legal risks to the arrangement and negotiation of property purchase agreements, from questions regarding construction law to standard lease contract design: We can assist you in all areas of real estate law. Most notably, we specialise in Nordic and international clients who wish to buy, sell or develop real estate in Germany.

Our lawyers advise you on German real estate law especially in these fields:

  • Acquisition and sales of individual properties, apartment houses, portfolios: e.g., due diligence, drafting of sales contracts, negotiating sales contracts
  • Real estate and construction project development: construction projects, public-private partnership, neighbourhood agreements
  • Construction and architecture law
  • Division of real estate according to the German “Wohnungseigentumsgesetz” (residential property ownership law) and sale of privately owned residential property: e.g., division, due diligence, declarations of division
  • Commercial tenancy law: e.g., contractual arrangements and termination of contract
  • General tenancy law including litigation, rent increases, actions for eviction and actions for payment
  • Legal support for your day-to-day property management
  • Operating and heating costs: e.g., billing and advice regarding peculiarities
  • Legal support for real estate modernization measures
  • Supervision of share deals
  • Post-transaction litigation
  • Advice concerning the financing and re-financing of real estate
  • Advice in connection with publicly subsidized real estate: e.g., feasibility calculation, discharge of loans, rent adjustments

Your contacts at Tyskret Sagawe & Klages for the area of real estate law are:

Christoph Schulze
Christoph SchulzeLawyer
Dr. Matthias Laas
Dr. Matthias LaasLawyer
Dr. Mark Unger
Dr. Mark UngerLawyer