Investing Capital

Legal advice for secure investments

Are you planning to make investments in real estate or in renewable energy projects in Germany – for instance, wind farms or photovoltaic plants? At Sagawe & Klages, we specialise in exactly that. Most notably, we provide legal advice to Nordic and international clients – not only on the transaction but also as on issues of financing or refinancing in the run-up to an investment, we conduct assessments on risks and on valuation (due diligence).

This is how we can specifically assist you – three cases in point for our service in the field of capital and investments

As an investor, are you planning to invest in a renewable energies project in Germany?
Whether you enter into a share deal as a partner or acquire the entire project by way of an asset deal: We make sure you find the ideal legal framework for your engagement – and that you in fact receive what you pay for.

Do you intend to invest in real estate in Germany?
In the run-up, we conduct an extensive due diligence assessment. Thus we can point out any legal risks involved. In order to do that, we draw upon our extensive experience in the field of German real estate law. At your request, we will manage all further procedures related to the acquisition, will negotiate and notarise the contract and clarify questions concerning financing and mortgaging. Subsequently, we can offer you all-round advisory on your real estate project.

As a bank, are you planning to invest in a renewable energy project or in real estate?
If so, you need to hedge accordingly: We can conduct a legal assessment of your projects on your behalf and make sure that your credit engagement is secured in a sustainable way, preparing and implementing any necessary collateral.

We offer you advisory on financing and investment especially in the following fields:

  • Advisory in connection with the financing and refinancing of real estate
  • Advisory in connection with the financing and refinancing of wind farms and photovoltaic plants
  • Investor due diligence for real estate, companies and renewable energy projects
  • Advisory on securing credit engagements in renewable energy projects and real estate projects
  • Legal advisory on the acquisition and financing of shares

Do you intend to invest capital in Germany and are you looking for legal advice?

Your contacts at Tyskret Sagawe & Klages are:
Christoph Schulze
Christoph SchulzeLawyer
Dr. Axel B. Röpke
Dr. Axel B. RöpkeLawyer