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For more than 25 years we have been engaging in court cases on behalf of our clients and have been helping them to enforce their titles. We represent corporations in German courts and also in courts of arbitration, especially with transnational disputes. Our office specialises in litigation for Nordic and international clients in Germany. Even though we would never hesitate to go to court if necessary, an out-of-court settlement remains our highest priority as long as this is in the best interest of our client.

This is how we can specifically assist you – three cases in point for litigation on behalf of our clients

Are you involved in a dispute with a foreign customer?
We clarify which country has jurisdiction in a given case and advise you on your odds in a possible court case. More often than not the question will arise whether German or foreign law is to be applied in a particular trans-national case. This is one of the procedures we have the longest-standing experience with, and, through our international network, we profit from personal ties to foreign lawyers.

Do you need to enforce a foreign title in Germany?
Unlike the Nordic countries, Germany has no central institution for this. We assist you with any possibly necessary exequatur proceedings and thus provide the grounds for an enforcement in Germany subsequently, we handle all legal aspects of the execution proceedings on your behalf.

Do you intend to conclude an international contract with a business partner?
In many cases, clauses concerning governing law and jurisdiction should be included in trans-national contracts. It may even be advantageous to agree on so-called “alternative dispute resolution mechanisms” that prescribe the procedures for dispute settlement in the run-up. We advise you on governing law and on the advantages and disadvantages of individual dispute settlement mechanisms before you enter into a contract. Thus we avoid unsuitable regulations in your contracts that might later prove costly for you.

We support you with the litigation and enforcement especially in these fields:

  • Defence against lawsuits in Germany
  • Lawsuits in Germany and enforcement of claims
  • Litigation in courts of law or courts of arbitration in cases with cross-border aspects
  • Execution of foreign titles in Germany

Are you looking for lawyers that enforce your claims in court or defend you against claims made against you?

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