Our Team


Not only do we specialise in legal advice to Nordic clients. Each and every of our lawyers also has very personal ties to Denmark, Norway or Sweden and speaks at least one of the respective languages as well as English.
We will be happy to assist you. Please send us a message via our contact form or get in touch with one of our lawyers.

Our lawyers

Christoph Schulze
Christoph SchulzeLawyer
Dr. Axel B. Röpke
Dr. Axel B. RöpkeLawyer
Dr. Matthias Laas
Dr. Matthias LaasLawyer
ingo Schmidtmann
ingo SchmidtmannLawyer
Dr. Maximilian Juncker
Dr. Maximilian JunckerLawyer
Dr. Mark Unger
Dr. Mark UngerLawyer

Our Founder

Christian Sagawe
Christian SagaweFounder
Dr. Johannes Klages
Dr. Johannes KlagesFounder